So, as you may have noticed, all the old links are broken and the comments lost from the old site. I've been meaning to upgrade or migrate for a while to something more inspirational to get me back into updating here, instead of on Facebook, and finally did so. Please use the … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Launched!

Its been a big work in progress for the last month of so, but the kickstarter to fund the Master Tailor's book publication has finally launched! Katherine Barich and I have been working hard on the manuscript over the last 6 months along with arranging all the details for the … [Read more...]

Home again

Had a great time teaching this weekend at the Atlantian Costume Symposium in Front Royal VA this weekend on "What the Tross Really Wore" and "Cutting Secrets of 16th c German Master Tailors".I post more frequent updates on my Facebook page, The Curious Frau, because I'm lazy and … [Read more...]

The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice

Yes, I'm on the hunt for a source, so I keep finding all SORTS of interesting things, which aren't exactly what I'm looking for, but are too good not to share!The Bohemain Reformation and Religious Practice "is a series of biennial conferences dedicated to the study of the … [Read more...]